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SQL Analyzer • SQL Server Monitoring


‘SgSQL Analyzer’ is a powerful and cost-saving tool with instant and actionable strategic Insights of your DB environment without hours of manual audits, relying on guesswork and months of setup and new projects. Reduce database project transition time by gaining a better understanding of your database environment from day one.

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How the tool looks like?

What the solution does?

  • Instantly identify security /access issues with server admin(sa) users and connections to the database environment before something breaks.
  • Check Start-up parameters – provides visibility on what the Startup Parameters are loaded.
  • Report inconsistent Identify tempdb contention. Avoid unresponsive queries and requests by identifying tempdb ‘contention’ issues and SQL engine performance problems.
  • Identify database and transaction log file auto-growth misconfigurations.
  • Identify potential Licensing issues and save a ton of money in hidden costs and problem audits, before they come up.
  • Manage SQL Server sprawl when DBAs cannot manage new instances being created and spiraling out of control they don’t know.
  • Run integrity and backup checks on all your databases in an instant.
  • Missing Alerts: Check if recommended alerts configured or not.
  • Checks if alerts for deadlock and most important alerts configured or activated.
  • Identify features that using important keys such as TDE or Reporting services.

List with reports and metrics


❒ Top 10 CPU Utilization ❒ Top 10 Memory Utilization ❒ Top 10 – Disk Latency ❒ Top 10 – Performance Counters ❒ Top 10 – Waits and Queues ❒ Security ❒ Startup Parameters ❒ Instance Level Configuration ❒ File(s) Growth Configuration ❒ Offline Databases ❒ Database Page Verify ❒ Database Compatibility Level ❒ Database Recovery Model ❒ Auto Create Statistics OFF ❒ Databases without Recent Backups ❒ Databases without Recent Integrity Checks ❒ Virtual Log Files ❒ Missing Alerts ❒ Services and Features with Keys ❒ Check for Product Updates


❒ Features   ✛ Analysis Services   ✛ Reporting Services   ✛ Integration Services   ✛ CPU   ✛ Memory   ✛ Max Database Size   ✛ Log Shipping   ✛ Database Mirroring   ✛ Backup Compression   ✛ Failover Cluster   ✛ AlwaysOn Availability Groups   ✛ Online Indexing   ✛ Online Schema Change   ✛ Fast Recovery   ✛ Hot add Memory and CPU   ✛ Encrypted Backup   Hybrid Backup Azure   ✛ Resource Governor   ✛ Partitioned Tables   ✛ Buffer Pool Extension   ✛ Read Ahead   ✛ Transparent Data Encryption   ✛ Extensible Key Management   ✛ Transactional Replication   ✛ SQL Profiler   ✛ SQL Agent   ✛ Tuning Advisor   ✛ Policy Automation   ✛ Performance and Collector   ✛ Auto Indexed Views Maintenance   ✛ Distributed Indexed Views   ✛ Parallel Indexed Operations   ✛ Parallel Consistency Checks   ✛ SQL Server Data Tools   ✛ MDX Tools   ✛ External Scripts Enabled   ✛ Service Broker   ✛ T-SQL Endpoints ❒ Proposal by Grouping Features ❒ Proposal by Features


❒ Machine overview ❒ Database Options ❒ Database Files Options


❒ Check ‘sa’ accounts enabled or not ❒ Check ‘sa’ account active connections ❒ Number of Sysadmins ❒ SQL Server Agent Status ❒ SQL Server Agent Operators ❒ Cycle Error Log ❒ SQL Server Startup Parameters ❒ Instance-Level System Configuration   ✛ Automatic soft-NUMA disabled   ✛ Backup Checksum Default   ✛ Backup Compression enabled   ✛ Clr enabled   ✛ Cost Threshold of parallelism   ✛ Database Mail XPs   ✛ Default Trace enabled   ✛ Max Degree of Parallelism   ✛ Max Server Memory   ✛ Min Server Memory   ✛ Optimized for ad hoc Queries   ✛ Remote Admin Connections   ✛ xp_cmdshell ❒ Default SQL Server File Path ❒ Database File Size and Growth ❒ Database Options ❒ Trace Flags ❒ Alerts ❒ Recent Backups ❒ Recent Integrity Checks


❒ Service Status ❒ Start Time SQL Server ❒ Any Blocked Processes ❒ Any Free Disk Space Issues ❒ Any File Growth in Progress ❒ Any Restricted Files and/or Fully Filled ❒ CPU Utilization ❒ CPU Visibility ❒ Memory Utilization ❒ Currently Active Sessions ❒ Performance Counters ❒ Waits and Queues ❒ Disk Latency per Drive ❒ Disk Latency per Database ❒ Disk IO Throughput per Database ❒ CPU Utilization per Database ❒ Memory Utilization per Database ❒ Top 5 Costliest Queries ❒ Virtual Log Files ❒ Index Fragmentation ❒ Missing Indexes ❒ Unused Indexes ❒ Duplicated or Similar Indexes ❒ Statistics

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