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Referral Program • SQL Server Monitoring

Earn Extra Money with us

Our mission is to help the business grow by maintaining and using database systems efficiently.

We know how hard is to find powerful, efficient, and affordable SQL monitoring and management tool.

This is why we created our referral policy and want this product to reach as many database engineers and technicians that can benefit from it.

The sale of the product is based on the number of servers purchased by the referred client. So, we present a table that will help to calculate the referral bonus if you promote us and we manage to establish a deal with your referee.


 1-100 Servers


 101-500 Servers


 500+ Servers

All that has to be confirmed is when we initially meet with the client, heshe needs to share evidence like email or chat, they have been informed by you about our products.

The bonus is paid 3 months after the date of signing the contract with the customer.

Thank you for sharing our hard work with others, we believe make their work and life easier and their business more profitable.

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