List of currently active sessions for each database on your servers.

Please note that you need VIEW SERVER STATE permission to view all the sessions. Otherwise, you’ll see only your own.

--- Currently Active Sessions
s.spid as 'pid'
,s.blocked as 'Blocks'
,RTRIM(CAST(s.hostname as nvarchar(256))) as 'FromServer'
,RTRIM(CAST(s.loginame as nvarchar(256))) as 'UserName'
,RTRIM(CAST( as nvarchar(256))) as 'DatabaseName'
,s.waittime / 1000 as 'WaitTime' -- wait time in seconds
,RTRIM(CAST(s.cmd as nvarchar(32))) as 'Statement'
,s.status as 'Status'
,c.num_reads as 'PageReads' -- number of packet reads
,c.num_writes as 'PageWrites' -- number of packet writes
,RTRIM(CAST(s.program_name as nvarchar(256))) as 'ProgramName'
,t.text as 'ExecutedQuery'
,datediff(minute,s.last_batch, GETDATE()) as 'Duration' -- execution time in munites
--,EQP.query_plan as 'execution plan'
-- r.percent_complete
--into #tmp
from sys.sysprocesses s
join sys.databases d on d.database_id = s.dbid
left join sys.dm_exec_requests r on r.session_id = s.spid
cross apply sys.dm_exec_sql_text (s.sql_handle) t
--CROSS APPLY sys.dm_exec_query_plan(r.plan_handle) AS EQP
inner join sys.dm_exec_connections c
on c.session_id = s.spid
where (s.cmd not like '%AWAITING%' or s.status = 'suspended')
and t.text not like '%--- Currently Active Sessions Select%'
order by duration desc


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