An efficient monitoring and management solution that provides an estate-wide view for monitoring all your SQL Server instances, whether they are hosted on-premises, on virtual machines, on Linux, or in Azure.

A powerful and cost-saving tool with instant and actionable strategic Insights of your DB environment without hours of manual audits, relying on guesswork and months of setup and new projects.

A toolkit with several free SQL Server tools helping to minimize administrative work and to find instance misconfigurations. We will continue to add free stuff in the future.

A cross-platform tool that provides an estate-wide view for monitoring all your SQL Server instances, whether they are hosted on-premises, on virtual machines, on Linux, or in Azure.

Integrated Modules:

Performance Analyzer
Best-Practice Instance Configuration Validator
Active Sessions Monitor
User Management Console with AD Integration
Check for Recent SQL Server Updates
Reports, Documentation, and Inventory
Backup Console
Timesheet Tracking
Ticketing System

What the solution does:

🠺 Live Dashboard showing Service and DB availability, Disk Space, High Resource Usage, Query Activities

🠺 Generating Daily Reports that save you hours of manual compilation work

🠺 Collecting all-important metrics without using any intrusive profilers, triggers, or traces

🠺 Auto-updating #database documentation and inventory

🠺 Tracking all critical changes to #sql instance configuration including schema object deletion, file growth, and permission modifications

🠺 Keeping historical data of resource utilization, performance counters, and service availability

Our Services

Get affordable Database Management Support for your business needs. We are here to provide you with the Database Managed Services while using specialized monitoring tools to take care of SQL Server environment.

from €10 per server

Get affordable monitoring, management  and alerting solution and receive free consultancy hours.

from €999 per month

Certified and experienced engineers are ready to help you manage database environment with ease.


– SQL Server Connectivity Checker
– SQL Server Product Updated Checker
– MSSQL Instance Configuration Validator

  • Database support & administration
  • Virtual DBA
  • Exclusive Support

On-site Support

Postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic!

Consultancy Services

Cover every iteration of SQL Server databases and solving incidents quickly and comprehensively whilst minimizing disruption to your business

Database management

The services including our in-house monitoring and management system for free to help providing as best as possible support and consultancy.

About us

SG-Soft is an IT company offering managed services and DB tools helping clients to grow their business. With more than two decades of experience with some of the largest companies we are doing our work with ease . All of our actions are transparent to the client. We are using unique in-house systems to work efficiently and productively. All the information is providing to our clients via reports and dashboards.  

Client testemonials

“I’m really impressed by your monitoring tools. It’s easy, simple, and very useful.”
“This tool gives us a helicopter overview via dashboards and detailed reports. You can immediately see the status of your servers, the loads, and history. We were able to identify several times a problem, notably a case where we used a third-party tool, which seemed slow. After careful analysis of the server’s history with the tool, we could identify the problem, being the server overload causing the query’s being slow. We double-checked this data with the infrastructure department and found the data to be true.”

“Our Database team is fascinated by the daily dashboard and alerting system of the SQL Manager. We are also getting time & effort benefits from the features like server performance, permission management, etc. It helped to reduce the workload on such activities by 50%, which is loved by the Senior Management. The DEV team is also extremely happy as granted Read-Only access to the Dashboard and facilitate their work as well.” 

“Across the many monitoring tools on the market, this one is price-value software we are glad to use in our environment – affordable, light-weight, with many Database assisting panels created from DBA administrators for DBA administrators.”

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Useful SQL Server Scripts

Check out our free scripts and queries. We will add more and more new stuff in the future.


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